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Bold Statement Alert: Pineapple Belongs in Burgers

Bold Statement Alert: Pineapple Belongs in Burgers Upon the release of our new Burger Sliced Pineapple, we took to the Riviana Foodservice Facebook page for a little promo piece. 621 comments later and we realised that people have some strong opinions on pineapple in food. First it was pizza, now burgers, where does the madness [...]

Pineapple Meringue Crowns

The versatility and sweetness of our Balsamic Glaze goes beautifully with this fruity dessert to add just a little bit of extra zing.

Pineapple Sliced

Ripened sliced pineapple rings in juice- can’t go wrong!

Pineapple Crushed

Made from ripened pineapples and crushed in its own juice to enhance the sweet pineapple flavour.

Pineapple Pizza Cut

Ripened pizza-size pineapple in a light syrup, that’s been cut into wedges and is relatively uniform in size. They are sweet in flavour and with a strong yellow colour.

Pineapple Thinly Sliced

Ripened Pineapple rings in a light syrup.

Jelly Cup Pineapple

A feast of tropical taste, Riviana Pineapple Flavoured Jelly Cups come with all the sweet and exotic flavour of this delicious fruit. Sunshine guaranteed in every spoonful!

How simplifying your service could help when struggling with staff shortages

How Simplifying Your Service Could Help When Struggling With Staff Shortages It's tough to keep up with demand when faced with job vacancies, so adjust your business to work for you The easing of border restrictions in December signalled some hope for foodservice businesses in an industry that relies heavily on migrants and tourists. Although [...]