Cocktails With A Conscience

We now live in an age where we’re constantly being urged to be ‘greener’, with many protesting for immediate change amid what’s being labelled a climate emergency. People are not only more aware of their impact on the environment now, but have become more active in aligning with brands and services, making positive adjustments to their practices. The hospitality industry faces many challenges in relation to this topic – arguably, its biggest being food waste management. The Australian Government’s National Waste Report is estimating that 21.5% of business waste is food.

In some cases, venues are opting for large-scale operational changes to combat this, but this takes time, money and planning. If you’d like a quick tweak that’ll cut down your waste and save you some coin, we’d advise a chat with your bartender. Excess foods and fruits may have a home as an ingredient or garnish for cocktails. Here’s a few instances where this is possible:


Dirty Martini:


Very rarely would you send a drink containing olive brine and not receive complaints. But the all-time classic that is the Dirty Martini does just that. The sophisticated concoction made famous by a certain secret agent is comprised of olive brine and alcohol. Some bartenders may even muddle an olive or two into the mix, for martini enthusiasts who like it extra… dirty.

Wastage Tip: Riviana has a range of green olives (pitted and stuffed), ideal for Martinis. If you’re using these for cooking, be sure to send excess brine to the bar!


Pina Colada:


The Pina Colada is a summer staple for many, and a drink that you should try at least once. Being a mixture containing rum, pineapple and coconut flavours, it’s easy to see why some folks might turn their nose up. But let it be known, this tropical cocktail is sweet, smooth and best served under the sun.

Wastage tip: Coconut cream/milk is a frequent ingredient for curries, sauces and desserts. If left with an annoying amount, ask the bar if they’d like it. Riviana also has a range of pineapple products that could easily be dried, candied and used for garnish.




I don’t know about you, but when ordering a sour, we expect it to be, well… sour. There’s a fine line to find with these, but the smart bartender will whisk up a sour that brings the perfect amount of pucker to it. With this drink, it’s a ‘pick your poison’ situation, with gin, vodka and whiskey among the preferences of many. The less exciting ingredients are simple syrup, egg-white and lemon juice.

Wastage Tip: Bartenders will often garnish a sour with cherries, to offset the sourness. If you’re worried about some of yours going to waste, see if they’d like to use them. Plus, the syrup that our Dark Sweet Pitted cherries is packed in can be added in small portions to turn the drink pink and provide sweetness, for those that can’t handle the sour side of things.


Spiced Pear Mojito:


This clever spin on the always popular mojito adds a dash of sweetness and spice into the mix. We consider this a summer game-changer and have the step by step guide on how to create this on Riviana Foodservice Facebook for all you bar enthusiasts.

Wastage Tip: Our Riviana Pear Juice has been a hit with many of our customers. The picked and pressed, cloudy juice serves as a great component in smoothies or as a drink straight up. The Spiced Pear Mojito is simply another avenue for any juice that you’ve ordered and want to move.