7 Ways To Make Lasagne You Likely Haven’t Tried Yet


Tampering with a classic recipe like lasagne is risky business. Many people can become quite particular with these types of dishes, but where is the fun in making the same thing over and over again?


With the evolution of the foodservice industry, most people are excited to try new things when dining. So why not get creative with a fresh spin on lasagne for your menu or specials board? Here’s a few ideas to help springboard your imagination:


1) Pumpkin, Silverbeet & Blue Cheese Lasagne

Loading your lasagne with silverbeet and pumpkin is a sure-fire way to create some flavour! But adding blue cheese to the sauce will really set it off!


2) Three Cheese Meatball Pasta

Combine two Italian delicacies by swapping out your mince for sausage meatballs. Add extra chilli into the mix to give those balls a kick!


3) Vegan Lasagne

If your plan was to plate-up something to please plant-eaters, then you can’t go wrong with vegan lasagne. It can be a difficult dish to cook at home and likely something customers will appreciate when cooked at a professional level. Check out chef Adam’s vegan lasagne recipe here!


4) Lasagne With Kale & Bacon

Add kale to give your lasagne a superfood twist! Then do the opposite of superfood by adding bacon in there! Why? Because it’s bacon!


5) Macaroni Cheese Lasagne

And they said the perfect comfort doesn’t exist. Find a way to combine these two classic dishes and you’ll surely have pasta lovers lined up out the door!


6) Mexican Lasagne

Take your lasagne to another continent with a Mexican lasagne! Fill it with beans, salsa and a bit of guac on the side to really top it off.


7) Asparagus & Broad Bean Lasagne

Have you got an abundance of Asparagus? Give customers the fresh greens they need while serving up some of the best comfort food around. Light, low-fat lasagne packed full of flavour!


Inspired by something here? Before you get cooking be sure to check out our lasagne sheets and other foodservice products to ensure you’ve got everything you need!


And as always, if you create a new lasagne recipe that you’re pretty proud of, be sure to let us know about it! We like hearing what our customers are cooking so don’t be shy and send us a message on our Facebook!

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