Spicy Quesadillas with Corn Pepper Salsa

P20 minutes C15 minutes S10


200g drained Riviana Fire Roasted Red Pepper Strips
400g drained Garden Supreme Whole Corn Kernels
40g Riviana Sliced Jalapeno Peppers
200g En Place Salsa Piccante
200g grated Mozzarella cheese
200g grated smoked or vintage cheddar
20 large flour tortillas
Riviana Canola Spray, as required
50g fresh coriander leaves, for garnish


Dice Riviana Red Pepper Strips and combine with Garden Supreme Corn Kernels and Riviana Jalapenos to make salsa.


Combine mozzarella and cheddar together.


Spread one tortilla with 10g En Place Salsa Piccante, spread with 40g blended cheeses and sandwich with a second tortilla.


Spray hot pan or grill plate with canola spray and cook tortilla for 2-3 minutes until underside is golden, pressing lightly.


Carefully turn over and cook second side until golden and cheese has melted.


Cut into wedges and serve on a plate sprinkled with approx. 60g Corn Salsa and a 10g dollop of Salsa Piccante. Garnish with 5g coriander leaves.

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