Chicken Salad with Mango Salsa

P140 minutes C155 minutes S12


240ml Riviana Oyster Sauce
300ml Riviana Sweet Chilli Sauce
1 tspn Riviana Crushed Red Chilli
12 chicken breast portions
360g salad greens
500g rice noodles, cooked
340g Riviana Marinated Fire Roasted Red Pepper Strips
180g sugar snap peas, steamed
mint leaves
Thai basil leaves

2 Red onions, finely sliced
120g Riviana Polskie Ogorki Cucumbers, finely sliced
2 Mango Cheeks, diced
10g Coriander


Combine the oyster sauce, crushed chilli and 240 ml sweet chilli sauce in a large flat dish. Add the chicken, cover and refrigerate for 2 hours. Grill or panfry chicken until tender. Slice and keep warm.


Toss together the salad greens, cooked rice noodles, red pepper strips, sugar snap peas and fresh herb leaves; top with chicken pieces, and drizzle with remaining sweet chilli sauce.


To make the salsa, combine the finely sliced red onion and cucumbers, diced mango, and coriander. Serve over chicken.

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