Chargrilled Chicken with Asparagus, Slow Roasted Tomatoes and Pesto Rosso

P10 minutes C20 minutes S10


500g cherry tomatoes on stem
Riviana Canola Oil Spray
Always Fresh Extra Light Olive Oil, for frying
50g Garden Supreme Baby Capers
750g baby asparagus spears
2kg chicken tenderloins
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
500g En Place Pesto Rosso
Always Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for drizzling


Place the tomatoes on an oven tray, lightly spray with Riviana Canola Oil Spray and bake at 150°C for 20 minutes.


Heat Always Fresh Olive Oil in a small, deep saucepan and deep fry capers until crisp and golden. Drain.


Lightly coat asparagus and chicken with canola spray and season. Chargrill asparagus and chicken separately until lightly charred and cooked through. Gently warm En Place Pesto Rosso


Arrange approximately 75g asparagus, 200g chicken and 50g tomatoes onto each serving plate. Dollop chicken with warmed Pesto Rosso, drizzle with a little Always Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil and serve sprinkled with 5g fried Always Fresh Capers.

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