Antipasto Plank for Ten

P15 minutes S10


200g Riviana Whole Kalamata Olives
100g En Placé Pesto All Genovese
200g hoummos or other dip
200g sliced prosciutto
200g sliced sopressa or salami
200g sliced dried chorizo
200g bocconcini, torn in half
600g Riviana Artichoke Hearts, halved
400g Riviana Sweet Spiced Gherkins
100g Riviana Grilled Sliced Eggplant
100g Riviana Semi-dried Tomatoes
50g Garden Supreme Caperberries
rosemary sprigs, for garnish
grissini sticks and crusty bread, for serving


Place Riviana Kalamata Olives, En Placé Pesto and hoummos into serving bowls.


Arrange on a long board with sliced meats, bocconcini, Riviana Artichokes, Gherkins, Eggplant, Semi-dried Tomatoes and Garden Supreme Caperberries.


Garnish with rosemary sprigs and serve with grissini sticks and bread.

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