Working From Home in Hospitality

Ways to Enjoy Your Downtime and Avoid Stress

If you work in hospitality, you’re probably used to being around people (a lot). Most of the roles within the industry require a high level of teamwork and communication and can also present a great social outlet and an awesome way to make friends. But with the impact that COVID-19 is having on many businesses, a lot of employees have had their hours reduced, meaning more time restricted to home.


The unfortunate reality for most chefs, bartenders and wait staff is that working from home simply isn’t possible. Which means keeping yourself and your mind busy from 9-5 might be more of a challenge. It’s important in these circumstances to keep on top of how you’re feeling, and find positive ways to spend your time.. Below we have put together  some tips from the experts which might help you to avoid stress and enjoy your “downtime” when working in hospo.


Digital Detox

According to the Black Dog Institute, too much technology can make it difficult to switch off. It’s great for staying connected with friends, but like anything can affect you negatively when consumed too often. Try hiding from your phone for an hour or so each day and push hard to spend quality time with those around you.


Limiting yourself from unhelpful media

The Black Dog Institute also explains that an overexposure to “alarming, anxiety-inducing stories” can impact us negatively. Although it’s tempting to stay informed, remember there may be a limit to the amount of bad news you can withstand.


Do the things you like

It’s not all about switching off from the bad stuff. Remember to seek out activities you enjoy and work that into your schedule as well. Explore your hobbies and try doing something creative with them. Beyond Blue says that starting a new project can provide you with a goal to work towards and gives you a sense of achievement when you manage to complete it.


If you’re a chef, it could be as simple as mastering the art of knife sharpening! Or it’s never too late to jump on the sourdough bandwagon.


Try out mindfulness

If you’re wanting to try something completely new and are struggling for inspiration, you could give mindfulness a go! Mindfulness apps like Headspace can help improve your ability to be fully present in the moment.


Headspace explains, “in teaching the mind to be present, we are teaching ourselves to live more mindfully — in the present, taking a breath, not beholden to reactive thoughts and feelings — which is particularly helpful when faced with challenging circumstances or difficult situations.”


Stay connected, work on your relationships

Due to social distancing restrictions, you’re probably spending less time with your workmates, friends and extended family. However, maintaining a healthy level of social activity can still be a goal of yours. Try setting aside times to connect with your friends and being aware of the strain personal conflicts can have on your well-being. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and support when it’s needed, it can be relieving to voice your thoughts.


Exercise Regularly

Beyond Blue also promotes exercise as one of the most important things that we can do for our health and wellbeing. Long days and weird working hours can make this challenging, but if you’re seeing a little more daylight now then maybe it’s time to dust off the old running shoes.


During this time it’s crucial you take care of yourself and your mental wellbeing. If you’re having some issues at home, don’t be afraid to seek professional guidance. Keep an eye on your mates and remember to relax when you can.