Serving Up Comfort In Aged-Care

Food ideas for aged-care residents

Resident well-being has always been an important focus for those working in aged-care and with every new wave of COVID-19 the balance between caution and mental-health is tested. Which is why finding ways to make residents feel comfortable and safe is such an important part of any aged-care worker’s role.


Chefs working in this sector, play a pivotal role in the everyday lives of residents and finding this balance. As every chef would attest, food is much more than a means to survive. It also provides comfort, satisfaction and can often have an emotional connection for people.


Cooking for an older generation hosts its own set of challenges, with certain foods less suited to what they’re able to consume. Although these challenges are exaggerated during a pandemic, chefs are still finding ways to create meals that residents love.


So, if you’re looking to brighten the spirits of your residents, here’s a couple of points to consider for your next special dish:


Food for thought

Meals that connect with seniors on an emotional level can be powerful source of enjoyment and also a valuable stimulant for the brain. We’ve all got meals that we remember fondly from years past, so much so that you can almost close your eyes and relive the experience all over again. Maybe for you it’s the savoury smells of a classic Aussie big breakfast, with eggs, beans and all the trimmings. Or perhaps it’s Mum’s secret lasagne recipe that you’re still waiting for her to hand over.


Giving residents that feeling again challenges their memories and encourages conversation at mealtime. So, if you ever get the chance to ask what their favourite meals were throughout their lives, be sure to spark the question!


Appeal to all of the senses

Sometimes, something tastes so good that we forget to take in everything else and appreciate the full spectrum of senses at our disposal. As we get older, many of our senses weaken and some more so than others. Which is why it’s crucial that meals in aged-care appeal to them all as much as possible!


Taste is always an important factor, but chefs should always consider the look and feel of a dish as well. Foods are often modified for easier consumption (like the Riviana Puree Range for example) but it’s important to provide a variety of different textures to keep things interesting. Also, be sure to use plenty of colour when serving your food. Treat your food like art where the plate is you canvas, it makes a huge difference.


Always consider diet and nutrition

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the majority of diseases that the elderly suffer from are a consequence of poor diet. For example, cancer of the prostate, colon and pancreas can be attributed to the consumption of foods with a high-fat content.


Fruit and vegetables are really vital to the dietary requirements of senior citizens and serve as a great starting point when planning meals.


Looking for a drink to pair with it? Pressed fruit juices offer great nutritional value for seniors and taste great too! We’ve had lots of positive feedback for our pressed juice range which includes Pear and Prune, Cloudy Apple and Pear Juice too.


If you are a chef working in aged-care and have any questions regarding what we can offer you, please feel free to contact us anytime! We’ve got a variety of different products and recipes that we’re sure you’ll love. Otherwise, we’d like to wish you all the best as we all navigate through 2022 and hope to connect with you soon.