Ranking The Best Perks of Working in Hospo

When you’re applying for any new job, there are a few things that you’re on the lookout for. What’s the pay like? How are the hours? While these are all very important questions to ask, there are a few unique perks that often aren’t underlined in the job description.


The ‘perks of the job’ might not be the reason you sign up to a particular profession, but they are an added benefit and make for great bragging rights between friends. But what are the best perks of working in hospo you ask? We’ve ranked them right here:


5) Atmosphere/environment

It should come as no surprise that work atmosphere makes it onto this list. As a hospitality professional a big part of your job is to ensure that your venue has a memorable and exciting environment. Although the novelty will likely wear off, a well-designed café or restaurant is far more appealing than being bound to the confines of an office cubical.


4) Workplace flexibility and travel

If you’ve worked in hospo long enough, you would have noticed that people tend to move around. Some see the high rate of turnover as a bad thing, while others are happy to move between venues, picking up a variety of skills along the way. Hospitality experience is also ideal for travellers because wherever you go, people need to eat!


3) Transferrable Skills

Many people use their roles in the industry as a source of income while in between jobs or as they study. There is no shame in admitting this, but you shouldn’t overlook the many skills that you can develop while you work. Working in hospo requires a high level of communication, time management and teamwork, all of which are sought after by most employers.


2) Free food and drink

It’s not unusual for an employer to offer a free staff meal and the traditional ‘knock-off’ beverage to those that are on shift. But what’s more exciting; Ringing up your staff meal while your stomach rumbles or hearing the hiss of a cold brewski while you’re signing out?


1) Meeting new people

The final (and best in our opinion) perk of working in foodservice is having the ability to meet new people. If you’re a social butterfly or just enjoy the presence of other people, then you’ll be well in your element on the floor or even back of house. The hospo community is made up from an array of different characters, creating a vibrant and exciting place to work. It’s a great place to make friends and broaden your network no matter the outlook for the rest of your career.


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