The Power of the Pop-Up Restaurant

Australian hospitality is an ever-changing organism. It’s fast, surprising and sometimes unforgiving. Industry trends and innovation play a massive role in the success of high-level venues. It’s just a matter of keeping up. With that in mind, maybe it’s time to look at the pop-up model. From storage to staffing, this sort of operation is by no means an easy manage. But with risk (and many hours of planning) comes reward. And with that, we present the pop-up restaurant, perks, problems and all the rest.


Location, Location, Location


Rooftop bars and waterside views are one thing. But have you ever imagined sipping whiskey sours from Walter White’s Winnebago? Or perhaps you’re more a fan of ‘friends’ and would prefer a coffee from Central Perk. With a little creative genius, a pop-up restaurant can be placed in some peculiar locations. Unfortunately, licensing (as per) can create some issues. However, finding an existing café closed for dinner, and using that space instead, can cut through some of the pain.


Pop-Ups are fun, aren’t they?


From the customers perspective, you’re damn right they’re fun. The limited time experience offers your patrons the chance to try something new and often offers a level of buzz beyond the average promotion. Any staff involved should have a blast, revelling in the change of scene and energy. But before any of that happens, someone must build it. An operation of this magnitude requires months of prepping. And the pressure to pull it off can be immense.


The Moving Parts


This might not be your first rodeo, but riding this industry trend comes with a whole lotta bull, and a whole lotta buck. Permits, space, signage, staffing, storage, promo… You’ll have yourself quite the shopping list. But there are some clever hacks to help minimise cost and hassle if you look hard enough. Riviana has recently introduced ‘Pouch Packs’ as a packaging alternative. Pouch packs are safer for staff in that they’re easy to open with no sharp lids to navigate. Plus, they make storage and disposal a breeze with their compactable packaging.  Perfect for the pop-up!


Where You’re Winning


When there’s risk, there’s reward. What the pop-up restaurant offers is a chance to branch out and reach new markets. Many top chefs will use these as a showcase of their work, taking their talents to new cities and fresh markets. The ‘limited time only’ nature of the pop-up encourages patrons to get in quick, so when successful, you can expect a large turnout. It’s also an opportunity to expose your brand, with many companies aligning themselves with venues through collaboration.

Riviana is all about innovation, that’s why we’re on top of this pop-up concept. They’re fun, adventurous and sometimes outrageous. And isn’t that what hospitality is all about?