Outdoor dining was a hit last year!

Here’s why we think it’s going to be even bigger in 2021

Last summer, al fresco dining was a hot topic with many states encouraging venues to shift their setup outdoors to reduce COVID-19 transmission. Although initially met with some scepticism, many believe that a greater focus on outdoor dining could be the way forward for foodservice.


With Summer quickly approaching and the pandemic persisting, we’re expecting an even bigger year for outdoor dining. Victoria has already announced its plan for another outdoor dining season as part of its road map, following the successes of last year. While NSW announced in June that its outdoor dining reforms would become permanent.


Finding ways to maximise your outdoor dining potential should be front of mind when preparing for this year’s summer period. Here’s why we think that the outdoor dining experience will be bigger and better in 2021:



More time to prepare

With the push for outdoor dining coming late in 2020, it didn’t give business owners a huge amount of time to prepare. So, if last year was the trial run, we’re expecting owners to refine and adapt their approach for better results.



Consumers keen to get outside

Citizens from states like NSW and Victoria will be eager to escape the confines of their bubbles to enjoy the perks of Australian hospitality. If things open up as according to government road maps we could be in for a busy summer as people act on their excitement.



Greater confidence

Although we’re still feeling the impact of COVID-19, it’s important to note how vastly different our situation is to this time last year. Many consumers are now accustomed to COVID-19 protocol and businesses are all over health and safety practices. These points, along with rising vaccination rates, should help give society the confidence to return to dining.



Infrastructure already in place

States like Victoria spent a good deal of money incentivising outdoor dining last year, with many businesses using cash grants to establish or renovate their outdoor space. With this infrastructure now in place, it’s only a matter of time before venues master their set up and evolve the experience.



If you’re planning to do something special with your outdoor dining space this summer, we want to know about it! Let us know what you’re doing for a chance to feature your business on our Facebook Page.