Maximising Your Bin Space

It’s the middle of a busy service, you’re making a routine trip to the skip bin before finding it’s overflowing, AGAIN. You now have a choice; do you lace up those stomping boots and jump on in? Or is this the type of job best suited for the new dishy? Either way, the human compacter method is a dangerous one and quite frankly, a little too gross.

It mightn’t be the most glamorous of topics, but with local councils cracking down on disposal, maybe it’s time to have a look at what we do with our waste. With a few simple tweaks, you can have your bin area clear of clutter, greener and you might even save a few dollars.


The Breakdown

It’s an oldie, but a goodie. By taking the time to dissemble all your cardboard you can save a bunch of bin space. With staff coming and going, it might be time to refresh the team and remind them of flattening boxes before recycling. Whether you dissemble your packaging meticulously or go full Hulk on that cardboard, breaking down your boxes will go a long way.


Know Your Bin

Getting to know your bin might sound like rock bottom, but many people aren’t aware of some of the rules surrounding waste disposal. Many local councils are cracking the whip on bins being filled to the brim, with overflow and weight becoming a focus. Ensuring your rubbish stays undersize and underweight, will save you from any extra charges. We’ve now released new pouch packs across a number of our antipasto products, taking a conscious effort to tackle this issue. They’re extremely light weight, condensable and will have you saving on storage space.


Take A Sec, Load It Well

Back of house professionals make some of the best multitaskers, that’s because there’s always 100 things to do all at once. No one could blame you for racing the rubbish out and dunking it in the skip. However, by taking a moment (and a quick breather) before letting it fly, you’ll save time rearranging loose bits later. Set aside larger items for the bottom of the next bin along with smaller, looser items up top.


Going green

It might not be a timesaver, but by organising your recycling and waste properly you could be saving something far more important… your reputation! Consumers are consistent in the belief that sustainability is the way forward and it never hurts to go a little greener. Understanding what is and isn’t recyclable is a great first step.