What we learnt at Foodservice Australia

Three lessons we learnt from YOU (Caterers you’ll love this)

Were you at the Foodservice Australia show last month? It’s one of our team’s favourite events to attend, as every year we leave inspired by the thousands of chefs, restaurateurs, café owners, bakers, pâtissiers, caterers, suppliers and producers who are so passionate about the industry we all love.


Over three days we spoke to thousands of people who had questions and feedback about our new products, and speaking to these people on the front line of the hospitality industry taught us a lot. So instead of us teaching you something this month, we thought we would share what we learnt from YOU at Foodservice Australia.


Lesson #1: Our Antipasto Pouch Packs are perfect for one particular style of foodservice

Our Antipasto Pouch Packs are relatively new to the industry. We love them as they offer much higher yield than a jar or can while also being able to be stored, unrefrigerated for up to three years. On top of that, they take up much less storage space in small kitchens and still contain the same high quality ingredients that our customers rely on. Taking up less storage space in kitchens also means taking up less space in bins and skips which we know is a big problem for a lot of venues out there.  But what we didn’t expect was just how popular the pouch packs are with caterers. So many end users mentioned to us at Foodservice Australia that the pouch packs are perfect for their catering and function menus because of their easy storage and long shelf life. Caterers often need to work at speed to create hundreds of meals at once, and the pouch packs are super simple and quick to open and use so help with efficiency in the kitchen. If you’re a caterer and looking to try our new packs, get in touch! We’d love to help you out.


Lesson #2: Our new single serve puddings were a hit – but not for the reason we thought!

We know it’s only July, but we treated visitors to the show with our new Plum Puddings (we are taking orders for Christmas now). Of course, many mentioned how moreish they were which was no surprise to us (we are completely addicted) and that they are the perfect size for single serve in foodservice. But the main selling point, was the lack of individual wrapping for each serve. This means that you can heat and serve multiple puddings in one hit without worrying about creating more plastic waste.


Lesson #3: Our customers are among some of the most innovative in Australia

We left the show feeling inspired by our customers. Hearing about recipes you’re creating to delight your customers excited us, while learning about what you’re doing in your venue to reduce waste and your effect on the environment made us proud. We love hearing what you’re up to and learning from the professionals at the front line of the industry.


How was your visit to Foodservice Australia? Were you inspired too? If you didn’t get a chance to say hello to us, get in touch with us via our Facebook page, we’d love to hear from you.