Introducing Our New Beetroot Pouch Pack

We know how much Australians love beetroot. So we’ve added it to our popular pouch pack range. The Riviana Sliced Beetroot Pouch Pack caters for pre-prepared beetroot without the cans (or fuss).


The vibrant vegetable joins a wide variety of our products already available in pouches and is set to make your prep work a breeze.


The 3.2kg pouch packs of pre-sliced beetroot are perfect for sandwiches, burgers and salads. With a huge boom in the delivery market due to social distancing restrictions, these types of offerings are proving popular for our foodservice customers.


Riviana Sliced Beetroot is not only tasty and colourful, it’s nutritious, and also contains no artificial colours or added preservatives. With consumers more health-conscious than ever, it is important to cater to this demand.


So, why pouch packs?


Our pouch packs are quick and efficient. Just one tear and you’re away with your prep work. Plus, you’ll never again have to scream across the kitchen “where’s the can opener?”


They also save on storage space. Pouch packs can be easily organised in whichever fridge your venue has and offer more storage possibilities than regular tins due to their shape.


Finally, they could save you money when it comes to waste. With many local councils cracking down on disposal, it’s important to understand your waste. Pouch packs are compactable and easier to dispose of than many other forms of food packaging. They’re also light, which means if your waste is being charged by weight, your bill could benefit from the introduction of pouch packs.


You can find a full list of our pouch packs on our website or speak with your local distributor to place an order.