Hospo Secret Santa: Cool (And Affordable) Gift Ideas For People You Barely Know

It’s that time of year again!

The Christmas period is usually a time full of cheer and festive glee. For chefs however, this time often means hectic shifts with a crescendo of end of year staff parties, Christmas dinners, new years and general summer excitement all coming together to form hospo’s busiest periods.


So, what better way to lift the spirits than with one of Christmas’ most overrated pastimes? You guessed it, we’re talking about ‘Secret Santa.’ This workplace activity is designed to be fun, but can quickly become the opposite when:


A) You pull out the name that’s as foreign to you as giraffes are to Australia.


B) The person that you’ve been confiding all of your darkest secrets can’t wait to tell you you’re their secret Santa.


Or C) You go through this entire process only to find you’ve been gifted a key chain and a box off half melted chocolates, along with a 7/11 receipt from which this bounty was purchased.


It can seem silly to get a gift for someone you don’t really know, but if you put the effort in it makes it that much more special to the person on the receiving end. Look at it as a chance to get to know someone a little more. If you’re fortunate enough to pick out a friend, then you shouldn’t have any problems getting them a wicked gift! Whatever it is, just remember that the more effort you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it (key chains from 7/11 aside).


It can be hard to find something both unique and affordable. So, we’ve put together some ideas that might help get you started:


1) How To Swear Guide (RRP $25)

Let’s face it, behind the scenes of hospitality is rife with profanity-laden banter. If you know someone who can’t finish a sentence without uttering a swear word, this hilarious book can help them master the art!


2) Unbreakable Plates (RRP $10)

It’s hospo, things are bound to break on occasion! But if someone has particularly bad butter fingers, perhaps an ‘unbreakable’ plate or two might help them practice their 3-plate carry.


3) Emergency Underwear (RRP $10)

Know someone who loves a few extra breaks in the bathroom throughout shift? Tell them you’re a little worried about their bowel movements with these emergency underpants.


4) Shakespearean Insult Bandages (RRP $17)

It’s never fun when you accidentally cut yourself on the job. But what is fun is being insulted by one of the words greatest wordsmiths. One way to lighten the mood!


5) Transparent Jigsaw Puzzle (RRP $40)

Picked a name of someone that you don’t particularly get along with at work? Why not give them hell with a transparent jigsaw puzzle!


6) Peeing ‘Bonny Boy’ Novelty Whiskey Dispenser (RRP $50)

1 part classy, 2 parts ridiculous! This novelty liquor dispenser is sure to be a talking point for many Christmas parties to come!


7) Culley’s F*ck Me That’s Hot Sauce (RRP $24)

If one of the chefs has ever given you grief for not being able to handle their spice, now’s the time to put their palette to the test! Made with the infamous California Reaper, this sauce is not to be messed with.


8) DIY Cactus Coaster Set (RRP $28)

If you have know someone with an indoor plant addiction, these funky coasters will fit right in with what they’ve got going on.


That’s it for our list of interesting gifts and we hope it get’s you excited for the season of giving! All the best, Riviana Foodservice.