Creating the Ultimate Aussie Big Brekky

New York has one, the Brits have theirs. But what would go into The Ultimate Aussie Big Breakfast? With the Aussie food scene on the rise and brunch-based cafes sprouting up all over the country, perhaps it’s time to figure this one out. At Riviana Foodservice we’ve put together a list of what we believe should be there. Now bear in mind, this isn’t your typical, run of the mill big breakfast that we’re putting together. This is what you’d get when combining the biggest food trends with Australia’s true-blue treasured tucker. So fire up the grill and get your keyboards ready, because this one could divide a nation.


1)  Smashed avo on sourdough

We’ve picked this as the base, due to popular opinion. With many attributing the origins of this iconic dish back to NSW, it’s an essential addition to the dish.


2) Oven roasted tomatoes

As tempted as we were to drench this one in T-sauce, we resisted for the sake of presentation. Let’s go with some Riviana Oven Roasted Cherry Tomatoes instead.


3) Snags

There’s nothing more Aussie than the satisfactory sound of sausages sizzling away in the sun. Go on you good thing, your customers will love you for it.


4) Corn fritters

Think of it as the nation’s black pudding. Get your corn off the cobber right here.


5) Baked beans

There’s something about baked beans that people just love. Maybe it’s the rich source of fibre, or maybe it’s the comical side-effects. Either way, our Riviana Baked Beans are a big seller in foodservice which suggests they’re just as popular as ever!


6) Eggs (of course)

It’s hard to imagine a big breakfast without this powerful source of protein. Including eggs on this list is easy, it’s deciding how to cook them that’s the hard part. Scrambled? Poached? Folded? We’ll leave that up to you.


7) Beetroot

With reds, greens and yellows already on the plate, why not push for more colour? Beetroot has a big cult following in Australia, with many insisting it belongs in every burger claiming to have ‘the lot’. For burgers or breakfast, get the purple beauty right here.


8) Bloody/Virgin Mary

Considering we’ve probably run out of space on the plate, a Bloody Mary is our way of fitting one more item in there. Don’t forget your garnish with much of our antipasto range prepped and at the ready for your extravagant creations!


Honourable mentions:

Cheese and bacon roll, prawn cocktail, fairy bread, Melbourne coffee.

So, there you have it! The Ultimate Aussie Big Brekky. There’s sure to be some controversial inclusions, but there’s no better way to start the day than with a good ol’ fashioned debate across the table. Ripper!