The Cake That’s Making Waves In Foodservice

With Christmas around the corner, we’ve seen an unprecedented influx of orders for our Riviana Fruitcake Slices. This festive delight is often a member of the December specials menu and is adored by many Australians. If you’re a fan, you may be interested to know that its popularity isn’t limited to Christmas time. These Fruitcake Slices are one of our most in-demand products throughout the entire year. It serves a range of purposes across many different divisions of foodservice, some of which may surprise you:


Aged care and hospitals


Our customers in aged care and hospitals have found much value in fruitcake. Often an option at teatime, many of our customers have expressed it’s a favourite with residents and patients. The fruitcake’s superior shelf life means it can be bought in large quantities, with little fear of any going to waste, which is perfect for hospitals where demand can fluctuate. Our portioned packs make distribution easy and hygienic, ensuring everyone gets their own slice of the good stuff.


Blood donation services


Turning to more of our customers in the medical sector, some blood donation services order our portioned servings as a post-donation treat. Red Cross Australia is constantly on the lookout for generous blood donors to help their cause, with their work saving lives each day. If you’ve ever considered donating blood, now’s a great time to start. For some it’s a scary process, but just think of the fruitcake!


Catering and events


It’s truly the cake for all occasions! Our customers in catering rave about serving the slices for events such as work functions. The portioned sizes leave little mess and are easy to handle for groups that are eager to mingle. With little effort in regards to prep work, it’s a simple unpack, plate up and wait in position for the groups to arrive.


Hotels and motels


In foodservice, food trends are constantly bringing change to menus across the country. Restaurants, pubs and cafes often update their offerings to keep customers on their toes. But recently we’ve seen a wave of hotels update their mini-bar menus, in an attempt to provide wider variety. Our Fruitcake has proven a favourable option with guests. Plus, the packed portions make a great day snack when sold at reception.

If you’re interested in bringing the joys of fruitcake to your patrons, patients or residents, contact the team at Riviana today. Our Fruitcake Slices are ready-to-serve and baked in Australia with real raisins, currants and spices.