The Best Timesavers in Commercial Kitchens

Has anyone ever said to you “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen”? Insults aside, what they probably should have said is “If you can’t take the heat, a ticket longer than your average garden hose, 10 waiters and waitresses asking where their orders are and your boss yelling at you, get out of the kitchen.”

When it boils down to it (pardon the pun) professional chefs need to be fast. And to be fast, you need to be efficient. Because of this, we are always on the look out for ultimate time-savers in commercial kitchens, here are our favourites:


Rethink liquids

This is standard in most commercial kitchens: keep cooking liquids in old sauce bottles. Wine, oil, any liquid at all is generally much faster to squirt from a bottle than deal with in its original packaging.


Consider Your Fridges

Refrigeration may not be the most obvious consideration for time-saving techniques but whether you have a walk-in, undercounter fridges or glass door units will all impact on speed of preparation, so consider your needs carefully when it comes to your fridge.


Nail Your Prep Stations

Consider your kitchen and your typical menu items and decide how you want everything to flow. Where do you see service, production and food receiving stations fitting? Make sure it all flows from ranges to ovens to fryers, so your kitchen can be as efficient as possible.


Give Your Dishie a Break

Investing in a fast, efficient high-temperature dishwasher will save everyone valuable time and the ability to tackle a high volume of dishes can be a great investment. Dishwashing machines can work faster while also being more thorough.


Running a successful restaurant is all about the ‘one percenters’ – ensuring all the small things are running perfectly so the whole venue runs smoothly. Finding small time-saving strategies allows chefs to be more efficient and therefore more successful. With the time you save in the kitchen you can create more innovative menu items, build stronger relationships and nurture a stronger team. So what will you do with the time you’ve saved? And do you have any other go-to time saving tricks?