Are you opening over Easter?

Here’s some food for thought…

Easter is fast approaching and with it, a huge number of public holidays. Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays throughout Australia and in Victoria and New South Wales, Saturday and Sunday are also public holidays. Throw in ANZAC Day in the same week and restaurant and café owners around Australia are looking down the barrel of a week of penalty rates, peak times and perhaps fewer available employees.


Many foodservice venues are likely to close completely over this time or significantly reduce their trading hours, perhaps to reduce labour costs or take a break themselves. But others will be looking to capitalise on the time when people are looking to enjoy themselves (and skip the part where they have to cook for themselves)!


So, should you stay open or take a break yourself?


Are you in a busy tourist area?

If you’re somewhere the tourists flock to in holiday times you’re probably gearing up for one of the busiest weekends of the year. With some careful planning this period could be one of your most profitable.


Can you offer reduced services?

Are you in the position you can offer some reduced services over the public holidays to keep costs to a minimum while also serving your customers? It may not seem like much, but labour costs do add up. If you are able to function effectively while being one or two employees down, it could positively impact your bottom line. You could also consider a shortened lunch service or premade hampers instead of ala carte.


Consider a public holiday surcharge

If wages are going to cripple your business, consider adding a reasonable public holiday surcharge that goes directly to your hard-working employees’ wages. Most diners don’t mind a surcharge if you explain openly what it is for.


Do you need a holiday?

Foodservice operators are among the hardest working people in the country. Have you stopped, taken a breath and considered taking the time off? Perhaps it’s a good time to reward your staff with a casual staff party? The lost revenue may be worth it for the recharge and team bonding.


There are so many factors to consider when approaching public holidays in the foodservice industry. With careful planning it can be the most profitable time of the year or it can bring unnecessary stress for all involved. Take the time now to consider your options and you’ll thank yourself at the end of the month.