5 Risotto Recipes That’ll Make You Rethink Your Next Menu.

We’ve got your next winter special!

As the colder months kick in, customers will be keen to see some of the classic winter warmers on your menu. While soup and stews are the obvious option, you can’t count out the power of a warm bowl of risotto.


Although risotto is simple and easy to make, it’s also an extremely versatile dish and can be made many different ways. Which is why arborio rice is such a handy thing to have in your storeroom. So whether you’re planning a menu overhaul, or merely want a new special to experiment with, here are a some great ideas for your next risotto recipe:


1)  Chicken, Chorizo And Sun-Dried Tomato Risotto

If you’re looking to pack your risotto with proteins, then look no further! This scrumptious little number combines the sweet and tangy taste of sundried tomatoes, with the spicy, smoky flavour of chorizo. Yum!


2) Vegetable Tapenade Risotto

Chicken not your thing? No problem. This recipe is packed with everything but, including bacon, chilli, garlic, mushrooms and artichokes (plus more). Serve with olives, basil, parmesan and tapenade… That’s quite the mouthful!


3) Baked Loin Of Lamb With Asparagus And Sugar Snap Peas

Steering away from your traditional risotto dishes, this recipe incorporates basmati rice to give the flavourful lamb loin a risotto style crust. Served with a side of sugar snap peas, this is about as hearty a winter meal as you’ll ever see!


4) Mushroom Risotto Cakes With Aioli

If your main meals are all sorted and you need more of an entrée, then this could be the recipe for you. Chef Neil Perry has taken the rich flavours of risotto and baked them into a cake to make a dish fit for all occasions.


5) Couscous risotto

Yup, you read that right! It’s couscous risotto. Give your customers a surprise with something new to their palette. And the best thing is, it’s probably just as easy to cook as regular risotto. We like that!


So there you have it, five of the finest risotto ideas that we can think of. But we’re sure you know of a few more. So why not let us know what we might have forgotten about? Simply send us a message on Facebook for your chance to feature on our page or even right here, with Yes Chef!